Madison Kitchen

Madison Park just keeps getting tastier, and with Madison Kitchen you can now get your coffee, pastry, deli, and sweet tooth fix. Cozy on a rainy day, and sidewalk seating when it’s sunny, this little cafe has it all. I got a half sandwich and salad and sat back to consider my dessert options.



While munching away on my BLATT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, turkey, and tomato sandwich), I eyed the selection of goodies. There was a solid variety, some traditional and some more unusual. I got a bit of each category:


On the upper left is a mini rustic apple tart, which I quite enjoyed served warm (although the bottom fell out). The crust was lovely and the tart had that homespun, made with love, feel. On the upper right is what I’ve always called a Dream Bar – a bar cookie with coconut, pecans, and brown sugar. It’s like a pecan pie with coconut, but I found it a tad too sweet. My friends really enjoyed it though, and it seemed like a popular item. The last is the brownie, which I thought was perfect. Cocoa-y and somewhat fudgy, crackling top… very satisfying. I heart this place.



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