La Parisienne

I tried this Belltown bakery back when it was Boulangerie Nantaise, and liked it fine, but La Parisienne is better (and even more French). The woman who runs the place speaks mostly French, which somehow makes the croissants taste better.  The inside is essentially the same, with casual cafe seating and space to sip your espresso:



I started with two mini-croissants – one regular and one chocolate. I love that they have these small sizes (perfect for people like me who want to try it all). They were flaky and not at all mushy or bready. As I ate them, I listened to a French mom and her little girl… and dreamed I was in back in Paris.


Naturally, I had to take a few sweets home for dessert. I chose a chocolate tart, raspberry tart, and chocolate chip “cookie” (which was really tall, almost like a tiny cake). The raspberry was the only thing that slightly disappointed -the shortbread crust was excellent and the berries themselves were fresh, but I was expecting a little custard to bring the whole thing together.



My favorite was the chocolate tart, which had a lovely dark ganache topping. The tall cookie (not sure what else to call it!) was also a delight. If I lived in Belltown, I would come here all the time and practice my French while trying every pastry, bread, and dessert.


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One Response to “La Parisienne”

  1. jwyneth92181 Says:

    I’m in here right now researching a blog post! I’ve been here a few times now and I agree with everything you said. Such a charming place!

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