A Cap Hill cafe with a neighborhood feel? There aren’t a ton, but there is Barjot, (related to Joe Bar, also in Cap Hill and also with a neighborhood vibe). Although Barjot is only recently arrived on the scene, it’s already pretty popular with folks… and their dogs (there were about 5 when I visited).  There are freshly baked goodies as well as a limited selection of full breakfasts and lunch fare. They also do a mean espresso as well as fresh juice:


I started out with an excellent croissant, which tasted as good as it looked. Flakey, not doughy or dry, and just the right size for a pre-breakfast snack:


This tided me over until my breakfast arrived (it’s freshly made, so it does take a bit of time, especially if you get the baked eggs). I decided to get another dessert as my main breakfast – the bread pudding with lemon curd. It came with apples and blueberries, and the pudding and curd were both to die for.


This place gets an A+ in my book and I will be back, in spite of the fact I don’t live in the neighborhood.


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