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November 21, 2014

Not to be confused with 3.14 Bakery in West Seattle (which I have yet to visit), 314PIE is a food truck that has started appearing at the Cap Hill farmers market and serves both sweet and savory mini-pies. The truck is owned and managed by two guys, and these boys can cook!


I was tempted not only by the pies but cookies (almond chocolate chip) and the pie “fries” (strips of pie crust batter coated in cinnamon sugar). Naturally enough, I was also tempted by the pecan pie.



The cookie was good, although I see why walnuts are popular while almonds are rare in chocolate chip cookies. Walnuts have the right crunch and texture; almonds are too crunchy. Speaking of nuts, the pecan pie was good as well, although the crust was a little mealy and almost tasted like it was made from whole wheat flour. I would have preferred a flakey, short, delicate crust. As would most people. The pie fries were fun and tasty, in addition to being inexpensive and a perfect snacking size.