Cederberg Tea House

In a city of coffee shops, cocktail bars, and micro breweries, it’s easy to forget about the world’s most popular beverage (yup, that would be tea). Cederberg Tea House is a pleasant reminder, and it’s focus on South African teas and pastries makes it that much more worldly. This versatile Queen Anne cafe is great for working, solid for socializing, and perfect for dessert-blogging. Their specialty (or specialtea if you rather) is Rooibos, which they serve up in the form of artistic and tasty lattes (you can also get it plain or choose among their other teas, or just go with an espresso).  Pastries are made in-house, and range from savory sausage rolls to the ultra rich Malva Pudding.


Suffice it to say, butter is used generously in their pastries. The Malva Pudding (on the left) was almost too rich for me, but could be shared nicely. The shortbread cookie and South African fudge (front, center) were my favorites, with the shortbread pairing nicely with tea. The cookie was fresh and properly crumbly and the fudge was caramel-flavored without being gooey. Lastly, I had the Hertzog (back center) – a pastry filled with apricot jam and topped with coconut and meringue. The Rooibos Latte served as a nice counter to the rich and sweet snacks, and the spiced foam topping added texture and a flavor boost to the tea. Now I just need to come back try the Bunny Chow (google it)!


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