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Moore Coffee Shop

March 30, 2016

This cozy downtown coffee shop is known for its “latte art” – this goes beyond the usual heart or wavy pattern – but the beauty here is more than foam-deep. Try the Nutella mocha for a decadent pick-me-up (although the Aztec with cinnamon and other spices is also delicious):


The Moore Coffee Shop also makes sandwiches and sells amazing homemade tamales, but I came mainly for the waffles on my last visit. Made fresh while you watch, there are both sweet and savory options (I need to try the bacon waffle with marscapone cheese). Sticking with my theme of the day, I got a Nutella waffle with banana.


This simple combo has always been a favorite of mine (I blame/thank Paris for that) but I liked the American addition of maple syrup. Truly a treat.


My Top Ten

March 13, 2016

People ask me for my top recommendations for desserts in Seattle, so I created a page for it.  I’ll do my best to keep my “Top Ten” up-to-date.

1.  Cake: Simply Desserts, Fremont.  This beloved dessert shop has cake by the slice as well as whole cakes made to order (call ahead). The atmosphere isn’t much, but your mouth will be happy.

2. Ice Cream: Full Tilt, multiple locations. The waffle cones are fresh, the retro decor is fun, but the best thing is the imaginative flavors (Mango Chili is my latest obsession). The ice cream bars are also pretty special.

3. Doughnuts: Rodeo Donut, multiple locations. A donut shop inside a cupcakery? Yes please. Rodeo makes the glorious Maple Whiskey Bacon donut along with increasingly adventurous (and yet always delicious) flavors – Tamarind and chickpeas, anyone?

4. Pastries: Bakery Nouveau, multiple locations. Nouveau makes Macarons, chocolates, sandwiches, and pizza, and all are good. Their pastries, however, are great. I challenge you to smell this place and NOT try one of each.

5. Pie: Pie Bar, multiple locations. Also a contender for the liquid dessert category for their fabulous “pie-tinis,” Pie Bar runs a cozy Cap Hill bar/bakery/restaurant (they make savory pies too) complete with a walk-up window, just in case you’re walking along and suddenly need pie.

6. Chocolates: Dolcetta, multiple locations. You can find Dolcetta chocolates at various outdoor markets and local shops, and they are well-worth seeking out, especially the dark chocolate pretzel bar.

7. Cookies: Hello Robin, Capitol Hill. They’re known for the Mackles’more but I’m partial to the plain old chocolate chip. They’ll let you build your own ice cream sandwich with Molly Moon’s, and the small but bright space has a welcoming vibe.

8. Dessert for Breakfast: Portage Bay Cafe, multiple locations. Wildly popular but worth the hype. The pancakes are pretty glorious, but the bananas foster French toast will change your life.

9. Liquid Dessert: Lunchbox Lab, multiple locations.  The burgers are good but the milkshakes – especially the boozy ones – are a great way to spend your entire day’s calorie quota. You have to taste them to believe them.

10. All-around best: Hot Cakes, multiple locations. Hot Cakes really has it all – a solid signature standby (yes, that would be the hot cakes), boozy milkshakes and butterbear, and experimental creations that make their Instagram account a must-follow. This is the place to take out-of-town guests if you want to impress them.


March 6, 2016

Where do you go when you need to repair your bike, take in a gym class, get some wifi-dependent work done, and oh, down a few coffees/waffles/beers while you’re at it? There’s a cafe for that! Metier in Cap Hill specializes in bicycle gear & repairs, while also offering a fitness/wellness center. The cafe is, fortunately, not particularly focused on (physical) wellness, although I probably could have used a fitness class or a bike ride after consuming a waffle and an apple hand pie. The space is set up nicely for socializing or working, and in addition to espresso drinks they also have several beers on tap.


I’ve been on a bit of a waffle and maple syrup kick lately, so I started with a plain waffle with butter and extra syrup (I was relieved that they use the real stuff, not some flavored corn syrup like so many places in Seattle). The guy behind the counter was also nice enough to give me a sample of the sourdough waffle with little pearls of sugar inside – the sugar produces pockets of steam making the waffle moist, and the sourdough acts as a natural leavener, so no bitter baking soda taste! (My family does something similar with sourdough pancakes.)


As for the hand pie, more filling would have been nice – it was an apple-cheese mixture, which sounded amazing but ended up being a bit underwhelming because there just wasn’t enough of it – but the crust was nice. Regardless, Metier is a useful and delicious Cap Hill cafe – have a bite or get a workout in!