My Sweet Lil Cakes

Who would have thought a waffle on a stick could be served up in so many delicious and creative ways? My Sweet Lil Cakes food truck does waffles, and they do them well. Not only are their recipes innovative and creative, they genuinely work. Everything, not just the waffles themselves, is nicely crafted and thoughtfully presented (especially considering it’s a food truck!).  What’s more, service is friendly and full of smiles.


I was pretty excited to find this truck at Fremont’s Food Truck Rodeo, and ordered myself a healthy helping of Chocolate Waffle stuffed with Dark Cherries and topped with frosting, berries, and powdered sugar.


The photo doesn’t do justice to the excellence of this dessert, since you can’t see the “dark cherries.” I don’t generally prefer cherries in any form except raw, but these were different (and indeed, dark). Not too sweet, soft but not mushy, and nothing like the candied cherries I was fearing. I’ll need to hunt this truck down again to sample the other dessert options, and the savory ones too (chicken and waffle on a stick? Yes please!).


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