About SweetTooth

SweetTooth is a Seattle transplant from Arlington, Virginia. She has lived in the Emerald City for only a few years, but has explored more than her fair share of bakeries. Her interests, besides eating, include traveling, cooking, and reading. To compensate for her dessert addiction, SweetTooth hits the gym/pool/yoga mat for seven hours per week. She never drinks soda and always eats her veggies.

SweetTooth has worked as a teacher, tour guide, and general do-gooder. She currently works for the University of Washington Athletics Department, where she tries out her dessert recipes on hungry football and basketball players.

SweetTooth would like to thank the following people/places/things for making this blog possible:
Her parents, for feeding her only dark chocolate at a young age
Her sister, for making refrigerator cake every year
The Yayas, especially Sarah, who only made it harder to say no to one more bite
New York City, which she blames for her black & white cookie obsession
Martha’s Vineyard, for all the huckleberry pies and New England ice cream nights
Seattle, for providing her with such delectible writing material


7 Responses to “About SweetTooth”

  1. Sarah Says:

    yayyyyyyyyyyy, you’re welcome!!! but i would like to thank YOU for opening my eyes to the dessert amazingness that exists in seattle (and also for joining in on all the one-more-bites!).

  2. Ryan Says:

    Hey…Great website. I love it!

  3. Matt Says:

    Wonderful! I can see others share the delight in well made desserts, and done in an eloquent manner as well. SweetTooth was recently spotted in Cafe Chocolati, so we may hear about that in the future . . .

  4. Brad @ Ice Cream U Scream Says:

    Like you I am a Virginia transplant that moved to Seattle. I have since left for Chicago, but will visit again over Thanksgiving. As a fellow dessert blogger, I have been around but I’m curious your top 3?

    Also, I noticed that your ice cream and shakes section is sadly missing two of my favorites: Mora on Bainbridge Island (I recommend the dark chocolate mint) and Gelatiamo downtown (I recommend the almond, when it is in season).

  5. R Says:

    I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog, and find it helpful to look for something sweet when I’m in Seattle since I’m not in the city enough to try something every week. Your writing is great too!
    Just a recommendation- Have you tried the Salvadorean Bakery in White Center? It’s a Latin bakery with plenty of stuff to try- I especially like their alfajores cookies.

  6. Sage R. Says:

    As I sit here craving cake, but too tired to bake, I Google sweets in Seattle and came across your blog. A blog after my own heart, I love it! Growing up in the restaurant scene, as the grandchild of a restaurateur in Seattle, it wasn’t until I returned here that I became the ultimate foodie/chef myself. I see you love cake too, so I will be checking to see what new spots you have ventured too, that you recommend. I look forward to reading your blog! P.S. My family restaurants (mostly soul food) have desserts too. *wink*

  7. Yvonne Says:

    Stumbled upon your blog through Google! Definitely bookmarking it, and my sweet tooth can’t wait to try some of your recommendations.

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