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Moore Coffee Shop

March 30, 2016

This cozy downtown coffee shop is known for its “latte art” – this goes beyond the usual heart or wavy pattern – but the beauty here is more than foam-deep. Try the Nutella mocha for a decadent pick-me-up (although the Aztec with cinnamon and other spices is also delicious):


The Moore Coffee Shop also makes sandwiches and sells amazing homemade tamales, but I came mainly for the waffles on my last visit. Made fresh while you watch, there are both sweet and savory options (I need to try the bacon waffle with marscapone cheese). Sticking with my theme of the day, I got a Nutella waffle with banana.


This simple combo has always been a favorite of mine (I blame/thank Paris for that) but I liked the American addition of maple syrup. Truly a treat.


Uptown Espresso

May 24, 2015

I stopped by the Uptown Espresso location in Belltown because I was in the area and needed a pick-me-up, but I was pleasantly surprised to see an array of baked goods made at their Queen Anne location. I went with some favorites (one banana bread, which is a favorite snack of mine) and a peanut butter cookie (the barista’s favorite).


I’d say the barista was spot-on with his cookie recommendation. The cookie was not mushy or crackly crunchy, but was in between. Tender but textured with excellent flavor. The banana bread was good as well, but the cookie was the one worth returning for.

Yellow Leaf Cupcake

April 5, 2015

I’ve been eating Trophy Cupcake and Cupcake Royale for years, yet strangely I’d never made it to Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co in Belltown. In addition to cupcakes, this cute “micro-bakery” makes gourmet macarons and cookies in addition to pulling an excellent espresso. I loved the flavors of the macarons, the most exciting (to me) being the Samoa flavor – if you’re familiar with the Girl Scout cookie you’ll know what I mean.


I got the last one! It was light as air, and while it obviously didn’t have the crunch and texture of a Samoa it did have the flavor! Next, I selected a couple cookies, which are giant-size and also come as cookie sandwiches with buttercream as the filling.


The sugar cookie on the right, while pretty, didn’t impress me as much as the peanut butter cookie, which was rich without being overly sweet, and intensely peanutty (a good thing, in my book). One of the best peanut butter cookies I’ve had in this lifetime, although I admit I scraped off some of the frosting because it was so rich. Lastly, and most telling, the cupcakes.


On the left is the peanut butter banana cupcake (which was somewhat disappointing in that it tasted like a vanilla cupcake with some peanuts in it) and on the right, the pancakes and bacon cupcake… yes please!!! Once again, I scraped off most of the frosting – I am NOT a buttercream person, but if you are you’ll love it. The cake portion itself was the best I’ve had – no kidding. It really did taste like pancakes, and there were chunks of crispy bacon in it!!! Love this. A definite must-try for Seattleites and visitors alike.

La Parisienne

May 19, 2014

I tried this Belltown bakery back when it was Boulangerie Nantaise, and liked it fine, but La Parisienne is better (and even more French). The woman who runs the place speaks mostly French, which somehow makes the croissants taste better.  The inside is essentially the same, with casual cafe seating and space to sip your espresso:



I started with two mini-croissants – one regular and one chocolate. I love that they have these small sizes (perfect for people like me who want to try it all). They were flaky and not at all mushy or bready. As I ate them, I listened to a French mom and her little girl… and dreamed I was in back in Paris.


Naturally, I had to take a few sweets home for dessert. I chose a chocolate tart, raspberry tart, and chocolate chip “cookie” (which was really tall, almost like a tiny cake). The raspberry was the only thing that slightly disappointed -the shortbread crust was excellent and the berries themselves were fresh, but I was expecting a little custard to bring the whole thing together.



My favorite was the chocolate tart, which had a lovely dark ganache topping. The tall cookie (not sure what else to call it!) was also a delight. If I lived in Belltown, I would come here all the time and practice my French while trying every pastry, bread, and dessert.

Holy Cannoli

December 12, 2013

To be honest, cannoli have never been high on my list of preferred desserts (I’ve never been a huge fan of creamy centers in general). So I wasn’t super psyched to try Holy Cannoli in Belltown. But, since I am extremely dedicated to trying every bakery in Seattle, I took a morning to check out the spot.



The nice thing about coming to Belltown in the morning is that you can actually park, and I pretty much had the store to myself. I was impressed at the variety of cannoli, but sad that I was there too early to sample a stromboli. I ended up choosing three cannoli to go.


From left to right, that’s maple-pecan, traditional (vanilla cream with chocolate and cinnamon), and coconut. I was pleasantly surprised by the soft, delicate shell (not brittle or chewy), and light, airy filling. The coconut was my favorite, but my only regret was just getting three. Holy Cannoli has me singing the praises of cannoli… who would have thought?


Boulangerie Nantaise

May 29, 2012

Belltown is right up there with Capitol Hill in terms of food and drink, and might be a little ahead in the dessert game. Boulangerie Nantaise is one of several bakeries in the area, and stands out from the crowd thanks to top-notch breads, yummy pastries, and… free parking.

It also helps that there’s free wifi and a low-key vibe – great for lingering over coffee and croissants.  Speaking of which, I’d heard good things about the marionberry croissant, and it looked very pretty sitting with its cousin croissants on the counter:

But I was in the mood for chocolate, and their brownies were yelp-approved. I must say, I was not disappointed – the brownie wasn’t so fudgy that it melted in my hands, but it wasn’t too dry either. Strong coco flavor and rich taste… my mouth waters just looking at the picture:

And yes, there are walnuts, so nut-hates be warned. But other than that, this treat should please anybody.


Dahlia Bakery

March 18, 2012

I have trouble fully buying into the Tom Douglas establishment, mainly because it seems too much like a business chain trying to take over the Seattle restaurant scene (and dictate trends and tastes). But, I’d heard enough good things about Dahlia Bakery in Belltown that I thought I’d better give it a try.

I was happy at how unpretentious (albeit tiny) the space was, especially compared to Dahlia Lounge next door. I did wish they served espresso (or at least coffee more interesting than Starbucks), but I was impressed with selection of baked goods.  The breads looked especially enticing, although I decided to stick to just desserts.

I ordered a small chocolate-cinnamon tart, a croissant, and since they’re famous for them, one of the coconut cream bite-sized pies.

Overall, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. The coconut cream pie was decadent and I did enjoy the coconut filling, but I didn’t need all the cream or particularly like the crust. I’ve never been a huge fan of this type of pie… so maybe I’m not the best judge. My friend who does like coconut cream pies thought it was excellent (and I know lots of Yelpers do too). The chocolate tart was complex and I liked the idea of cinnamon (one of my favorite spices) but I thought the overall effect was underwhelming (especially at a price tag of $6.50).  The croissant was really the only thing I was drawn to (very buttery inside, crisp outside, extremely fresh), but I think Honore and Besalu in Ballard do them better. Sorry Tom Douglas, I’m yet to be converted.


Macrina Bakery

April 24, 2011

Dear Macrina, please consider opening a location in Capitol Hill, preferably on 15th Ave E so I can roll myself the short distance back to my house after visiting.  They currently have three spots – Belltown, SODO, and Queen Anne, none of which are terribly convenient for me… but maybe the effort required for me to get there will prevent me from gaining ten pounds in bread-weight.

On a sunny day in Seattle (I think there have been two this year?) I checked out the morning scene at Macrina – and the baked goods selection – before sitting down to a tasty breakfast.

I had just a simple meal of eggs and bacon, plus toast  (I chose the Vollkorn), which after one bite made me realize that the bread would be the start of the show. Indeed, while the bakery has a dizzying array of treats (the shot above is just picture of many), their main focus has always been on bread (which can be bought at several grocery stores, none of which are near me).  I made myself choose just one loaf and one sweet to take home with me – I picked the Challah (does that count as a second sweet?) and the chocolate ganache cupcake.

I didn’t photograph the Challah because technically I guess it’s not a dessert, plus me and my friend downed it pretty much in a single gulp. And, although the cupcake was good, it wasn’t amazing, partly because I think I would have rather just kept eating bread! Next time I visit, I won’t limit myself to one loaf – what’s life without a bread coma every week so often?