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Empire Espresso

January 27, 2015

In need of a sweet treat and a strong espresso one dark winter day, I took myself down to Columbia City to check out Empire Espresso. I had heard about their waffle concoctions – all sorts of exciting topping combinations (lime and powdered sugar!), and their coffee (single-origin, made for hipsters). I also knew it would be a cozy and friendly place to get some work done, and I was lucky to come at a time when it wasn’t jam-packed.


I got my espresso plus the nutella banana waffle. The coffee was intense and gave me the boost I needed to chip away at my never-ending supply of work. The waffle was large they sure didn’t hold back on the bananas:


Which was fine, since ever since I visited Oaxaca (see my “on the road” page) I’ve been obsessed with banana-based desserts. And nutella always works for me! My only complaint was that the waffle, while perfectly fresh and not over or undercooked, was a bit on the heavy/salty side. It seemed like it was cornmeal based but I could be wrong. In any case, I would have preferred a lighter, fluffier, and sweeter waffle. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my overall experience here and I can see why this place is so popular!


Full Tilt Ice Cream

July 10, 2010

When I first moved to Seattle in 2005, independent ice cream parlors were in short supply. However, in the last few years, there has been a delightful boom in local ice cream production. With a variety of truly unique flavors (the ube ice cream is made from purple yams) and a fun, retro-style atmosphere, Full Tilt is yet another exceptional Seattle ice cream parlor.

And now that our first heat wave is finally here, it’s time to sample some of the good stuff!  I headed to the U-District location, but they also have shops in White Center and Columbia City.  Upon arrival, I chose Coffee-Oreo, a combination of my two most favorite ice cream flavors:

And yes, the ice cream was glorious (sweet, not as creamy as some other places which is fine by me – I like both styles), but the true highlight was the waffle cone.  They make them fresh, right there in front of you while you wait, and I liked it even better than the ones at Molly Moon’s.  And, just in case there is a line as everyone demands fresh waffle cones, you can play Pac-Man!

Or hula hoop, if that’s your preference. In any case, I’ll be back soon to try the Mexican Chocolate … or maybe just a bunch of waffle cones.

Columbia City Bakery

March 1, 2010

One of my favorite mini-neighborhoods in Seattle is Columbia City, where you can find some awesome thrift & gift shops, not to mention fabulous food.  When I go there, I always swing by Columbia City Bakery to see what treats they have for me to try.

A family-friendly bakery, Columbia City specializes in homemade bread (including their hot dog & hamburger buns, which I keep meaning to buy), pastries, and cakes. They also sell coffee from True North Coffee Roasters.  I’ve had limited experience with the cakes, but I’m a huge fan of just about everything else, and I like they way it’s never the exact same selection when I visit.

Catching my eye this time was the whiskey cake, pictured below with the shortbread cookie, which I always have to get.

I was a little dubious of the whiskey cake because I’m a little sensitive to liquor flavors, but the whiskey taste wasn’t overwhelming at all.  To add to that, the cake was moist and the icing wasn’t overly-sweet. In short, a great choice. The shortbread cookies come in different shapes and colors, but are always lovely.  Is there anything better at tea-time than a buttery, and I mean BUTTERY, shortbread cookie? I think not.