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Festivals and Farmers Markets

June 3, 2017

Spring may have come late to Seattle, but this year’s food truck festival and farmers markets are right on time. If you’ve never checked out Fremont’s glorious Food Truck Rodeo, put it on your bucket list – it’s one of Seattle best foodie events. After thoroughly scoping out all the offerings available, I had lunch at It’s Bao Time and dessert at Street Donuts. Not only are the donuts fresh out of the fryer, they have all sorts of clever topping combinations.

I wanted the Dulce de Leche but they were out, so we went with Nutella and powdered sugar.

These were seriously addictive – some of the best minis I’ve ever had. This is a truck worth seeking out if you can track it down.

Several weekends later I lucked out again at the Madrona Farmers Market with a new stand – Sweet Season Bakery. They are actually based in Arlington but should be at the Madrona market all summer and I can safely say you will love anything you buy. I can say it safely because I bought everything.

Okay, maybe not everything, but you can see homemade “oreos,” fudge, peanut butter sandwich cookies, pretzel cookies, and shortbread cookies. They freeze really well so I was able to stop myself from eating everything in one sitting and instead allow myself one or five treats a day. Get thee to the Madrona market next Friday afternoon!


My Sweet Lil Cakes

May 6, 2016

Who would have thought a waffle on a stick could be served up in so many delicious and creative ways? My Sweet Lil Cakes food truck does waffles, and they do them well. Not only are their recipes innovative and creative, they genuinely work. Everything, not just the waffles themselves, is nicely crafted and thoughtfully presented (especially considering it’s a food truck!).  What’s more, service is friendly and full of smiles.


I was pretty excited to find this truck at Fremont’s Food Truck Rodeo, and ordered myself a healthy helping of Chocolate Waffle stuffed with Dark Cherries and topped with frosting, berries, and powdered sugar.


The photo doesn’t do justice to the excellence of this dessert, since you can’t see the “dark cherries.” I don’t generally prefer cherries in any form except raw, but these were different (and indeed, dark). Not too sweet, soft but not mushy, and nothing like the candied cherries I was fearing. I’ll need to hunt this truck down again to sample the other dessert options, and the savory ones too (chicken and waffle on a stick? Yes please!).

Sweet Bumpas

August 2, 2015

In case Seattle needed another player in the Ice Cream game, Matt Bumpas (formerly the pastry chef at Poppy) has created a winner with Sweet Bumpas. I stumbled upon this food truck at the Terry Ave Saturday market and I’ve been a huge fan since. The flavors are unique but they totally work – think sweet corn & lemon, banana and coconut, and cinnamon basil. I got pints of the chocolate malt and the banana coconut, and I’ve been obsessed ever since.


The best part is, they also make their own ice cream sandwiches that are pretty much the most perfect things ever. I had to have both the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the banana pudding sandwich.


Both were outstanding with flavors that were true to their names (not just sugar, cream, and a cookie – these really tasted like their names).  I’m hoping they start selling these (or even just ice cream pints) at Madison Market or PCC because I need to be able to have this ice cream anytime – not just when I’m at the Terry or Fremont markets!

We All Scream…

June 18, 2015

I now count 5 ice cream parlors in walking distance to my Cap Hill apartment: Bluebird, Molly Moon’s, Cupcake Royale, Old School Frozen Custard and now Kurt Farm Shop. I’ve had their cheese before – OMG YUM – so I was pretty psyched when they opened a dairy stand in the new Chophouse Row site. They do the cow raising themselves (no, not in Cap Hill – the farm is on Vashon) and the ice cream is pretty unique in both flavors and texture. I got a scoop of the chocolate and a scoop of the salted plum to eat together.


The flavors played nicely together but the chocolate was the real standout (I sampled a few other flavors as well). Rich, but strangely not very creamy, this had a deep chocolate flavor. Next time I’ll probably try it with the strawberry, but in any case that’s going to be my go-to flavor.

Speaking of micro-ice-creameries, I was lucky to come across Balleywood Creamery, usually found at the Ballard Farmer’s Market. The owner happened to be stationed on 15th Ave in Cap Hill for a day, and I happened to be walking down the street wanting ice cream (not an unusual state of affairs for me).


The owner was super friendly and I was intrigued by the flavor combinations that featured more savory ingredients  – case in point, the strawberry ice cream was chock full of basil, balsamic, and black pepper (and far better than the Molly Moon’s balsamic strawberry flavor).


I also bought the coconut milk lime flavor because if it’s vegan it must be healthy… right? It was amazing, as were all the flavors. I wish this little cart would catch some buzz, because it’s way under-hyped and just… really really good.


Seattle Biscuit Company

June 4, 2015

In my quest to eat pretty much every biscuit in Seattle, I made a special effort to track down the Seattle Biscuit Company food truck. I was pleased to find it Saturday morning in the Central District at Chuck’s Hop Shop (which, by the way, has excellent beer and food trucks along with a pleasant little patio). Not to be confused with Biscuit Box, which I wrote about in a previous entry, the Biscuit Company is proud of “hand-building” their biscuits and using locally sourced ingredients.


The menu was mostly savory (and intriguing – I’d love to try the Che biscuit, with bacon, egg, cheese, ham, pickles, apple butter, and mustard) but there were a couple sweet options. The one that caught my eye: The Hickey Dewberry – just bacon and a generous helping of homemade jelly.

imageI loved the combo of sweet and savory – the jelly was the perfect counter to the salty, and perfectly crispy, bacon. In fact, the homemade jelly was my favorite part of the whole concoction – bright and intensely flavorful, sweet but with no shades of Smuckers. As for the biscuit, it was well-crafted and had good flavor. I did wish for a bit more flaky-ness and a crackly exterior, but overall it gets the thumbs up.

Biscuit Box

March 18, 2015

Food trucks can be hard to track down, so I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Biscuit Box last week in South Lake Union at lunchtime (not to be confused with the Seattle Biscuit Company, which is another biscuit food truck… that’s my kind of traffic jam). The Biscuit Box has two sides, sweet and salty – literally, the menus are on opposite sides of the window:


Well you can guess which side I went for (although the pork belly biscuit sandwich sounds like it deserves a return visit)! I chose the buttermilk biscuit with butter and strawberry freezer jam. I was surprised by the way they serve it – a buttered biscuit with a generous ladle of strawberry syrup-jam.


Yes, you have to eat it with a fork. Yes, it tastes amazing. It ends up being almost like strawberry shortcake, except no cream, and it’s a biscuit instead of shortcake… ok, so it’s different, but the idea is the same: the jam soaks into the biscuit.  I will be back to try the savory options – thank you twitter for giving me the means to stalk this biscuity goodness.