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Meet the Moon

May 21, 2016

After a few rainy weekends, it was time for some carbs and coziness at Leschi’s trendy-but-classic Meet the Moon.  The wide-plank floors and farmhouse feel complement the generously-sized cinnamon rolls and friendly service. Customers can get coffee and pastries to go at the counter or settle in at the bar or tables. Whichever you choose, do it early – cinnamon rolls were gone by the time I left (which was around noon).


I had dessert for breakfast and lunch – that is, I got French toast as well as a cinnamon roll. The Challah French toast was thick and caramelized on the top and bottom, with a berry compote on top. Fancy and addictive, if a little less custardy than I usually prefer.


The cinnamon roll was not only enormous, it was gooey, fresh, and simple with plenty of frosting. I wouldn’t have minded a heavier hand with the cinnamon but overall I think this place is a winner… and I still need to try the cocktails!



Cortona Cafe

April 28, 2013

I really wanted to like Cortona Cafe. Cozy, unpretentious, with strong a neighborhood (Madrona) feel, it had an atmosphere that felt like a small town hippie coffee shop. Free wifi, an all-waffle menu, and a super-nice lady running the counter didn’t hurt.  Parking was no problem and I loved the little outdoor eating area:



I ordered an Americano and the Belgian waffle with mixed fruit, maple syrup, and whipped cream. And waited… and waited… and waited. I had my Americano to sip on, but it was watery.  My waffle finally arrived, and looked gorgeous:



I was really excited to dig in – everything looked fresh and carefully crafted. And it was. The problem was the waffle itself – it was overdone and came out dry. Waffles are hard to get right – they can’t be mushy, but they also shouldn’t be hard and crunchy. I ate most of it, but really had to use my arm muscles to cut bites. The waffles get great reviews on Yelp, however, so maybe I just happened to be there on an off day.