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Miri’s Poffers

February 14, 2016

I’d never heard of Poffertjes until Miri’s appeared suddenly at the Cap Hill Farmer’s Market, but I was instantly sold on the concept: a plate of freshly griddled (and generously buttered) pancakes topped with something sweet or savory.  I could smell the stand from down the block and, feeling hangry, I knew resistance was futile.


There were a few choices for toppings – traditional simple powdered sugar, a somewhat healthy option (I saw something green and moved on), and a seasonal sweet option: boiled quince. I’d never had quince so I decided to give that one a try.


Steaming hot and topped with creme fraiche, the trio of textures and flavors blended seamlessly in my mouth. The quince, freshly boiled and chopped at the stand, had a pear-like texture and sweet, nutty taste, balancing the richness of the pancakes (which were made more interesting by the addition of buckwheat in the batter. Poffers, it turns out, are a lovely bressert (yes, that’s a combo of breakfast and dessert). Dig in.


Cheeky Cafe

May 24, 2015

Waiting in line for brunch is the thing most likely to make me hangry so I was pleased at the number of open tables at the Cheeky Cafe in the Central District Sunday at noon. This friendly little cafe has a pretty interesting menu – you can get a Hawaiian breakfast of loco moco or spam and eggs, or do the more traditional American breakfasts. I got a “Cheeky Cake” which is basically a giant pancake with the filling of your choice – I went with sliced bananas:



Yes, yes, yes! Perfect start to my day, and I loved that I could just get a single one to avoid the total food coma that would have come with a full order. Their other pancake fillers were intriguing, especially the green tea… I’ll have to come back and try them all. Nothing beats dessert for breakfast.

Cyndy’s House of Pancakes

June 9, 2010

If you’re tired of pretentious Seattle breakfast places with overpriced (albeit sustainable, locally produced, organic, etc.) food, try Cyndy’s on Aurora.  While quirky and delicious, it’s definitely the opposite of pretentious. You won’t have to wait in line, the waitresses won’t be overly perky, and your view will be of the local pawn shops and palm readers.

But there’s something endearing about Cyndy’s – maybe it’s the giant fish tank, or the old-school feeling you get, or the giant swivel chairs at the bar:

But what will truly hook you at Cyndy’s is the food: it’s much better than your typical diner food. The sausages are plump, the bacon is crisp, and the pancakes are dreamy. They have several types, but I stuck with buttermilk (it’s always been my favorite.

I know I haven’t reviewed a breakfast place before, since this is a dessert blog, but honestly, these pancakes were all the dessert I needed for the day. They were very light in texture, but filling and satisfying. The only problem I had was with the syrup, which was not real maple syrup. However, I have to say that if I want to start off the day with dessert, Cyndy’s is a good way to go.