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Deborah’s Pies

May 12, 2017

It’s farmer’s market season once again, and why not start with Ballard (my personal favorite, along with the U-District market)? There were all my old favorites – Soda Jerk, Pete’s Toffee, Sweet Caroline… and a new vendor (well, new to me) called Deborah’s Pies.


Deborah was there, in the flesh, selling a variety of both sweet and savory pies. I appreciated the range of flavors, not to mention the different size options. I went with two small pies – strawberry rhubarb, and marionberry.


The pies came with specific reheating instructions, which I followed to the letter and served with ice cream. The verdict? Marionberry was the winner (the rhubarb pie was a little runny). We did feel the crusts could have been flakier, but overall, not a bad slice of pie!


SLAB Sandwiches and Pie

April 14, 2016

The hours at SLAB make it difficult for a working girl such as myself to visit (they’re only open 10-3 weekdays) but I finally managed it and found it well-worth the effort. First of all, the sandwiches are creative, fresh, and carefully crafted. I quickly fell in love with he 12-hour brisket. The desserts were similarly gourmet, with the house special being the slab pies (thick, rectangular pie). I started with the salted chocolate chip cookie, which had a generous amount of chocolate and a proper salt-to-cookie ratio.


The slab pie of the day was a creamy concoction involving bacon, and while it was unique, it was not as good as the cookie:


However, their “s’mores” slab pie (offered daily) looked worth trying, as did the fruit slabs. Schedule permitting, I’ll be back!

Adrienne’s Cakes and Pies

May 30, 2015

The U-District Farmers Market is one of my favorite foodie activities in Seattle, and I was excited to see how many new dessert vendors they’ve added. I restricted myself to just one on this last visit, but I’ll be back to try the others. I chose Adrienne’s Cakes and Pies because the fresh rhubarb won’t be around forever, and I can’t say no to strawberry rhubarb pie.


There was a decent selection of mini-pies and cupcakes, and I chose two of each. (Side note: the best thing about mini-pies is the high crust-to-filling ratio.)  For my cupcakes I picked the samoa and chocolate:




The samoa cupcake didn’t do it for me (a little bland) but the chocolate cupcake was excellent (especially the cake part) and the pie was on point. But the winner was actually the mixed berry pie:


I loved the crust of both pies, but the mixed berry had the right amount of sweetness and an incredibly bright taste.  Adrienne’s doesn’t have a storefront, but makes appearances at several farmers markets (including West Seattle and Columbia City). Check the website for details and then check them out!


February 12, 2015

You don’t have to love math to enjoy 3.14, a bakery in White Center, but it does help if you like pie. Which I do. It was a bit of a drive from Cap Hill, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the homey bakery. You’re not overwhelmed by the selection of baked goods, but there were plenty to choose from – and not just pie.



The owner was friendly and patient, and it was nice to be the only hipster in sight.  I took my time and chose a couple cake balls, a blueberry muffin top, and a cherry mini-pie.



The red velvet cake ball (bottom left) didn’t do it for me, but the chocolate peanut butter one was everything a cake ball should be – dense, moist, almost like a truffle. It had strong peanut flavors and the chocolate was rich. As for the muffin top (top of the picture), I had never seen such a thing! Who would just sell tops of muffins? After eating it, I see why it’s a thing. It’s like a mini cookie-cake for breakfast! It was fresh-tasting and not at all dry, even the next day. No bitter aftertaste either, just flour and blueberry goodness.


The cherry pie was the winner. I don’t even love pie, especially cherry, but the owner recommended it. And I’m converted. I warmed it up two days later in the oven, and it tasted fresh, flaky, and buttery. The cherry filling wasn’t too sweet or too tart, and there was just the right ratio of filling to crust. This might be my new favorite pie. I just wish they were closer. 3.14, come to Cap Hill, or at least do some farmers markets!


November 21, 2014

Not to be confused with 3.14 Bakery in West Seattle (which I have yet to visit), 314PIE is a food truck that has started appearing at the Cap Hill farmers market and serves both sweet and savory mini-pies. The truck is owned and managed by two guys, and these boys can cook!


I was tempted not only by the pies but cookies (almond chocolate chip) and the pie “fries” (strips of pie crust batter coated in cinnamon sugar). Naturally enough, I was also tempted by the pecan pie.



The cookie was good, although I see why walnuts are popular while almonds are rare in chocolate chip cookies. Walnuts have the right crunch and texture; almonds are too crunchy. Speaking of nuts, the pecan pie was good as well, although the crust was a little mealy and almost tasted like it was made from whole wheat flour. I would have preferred a flakey, short, delicate crust. As would most people. The pie fries were fun and tasty, in addition to being inexpensive and a perfect snacking size.




Yippie Pie Yay

June 16, 2014

I’m not a pie person. Real dessert to me means cake. That being said, I wasn’t about to turn down a snack from Yippie-Pie-Yay during a recent visit to the U-District Farmers Market. I had read about this cottage industry pie spot, but didn’t think I’d get the chance to try it until they opened up a brick and mortar location (which it looks like they may do in the near future). So I was pretty excited when I saw them at the farmer’s market (although I haven’t seen them there since!):


They had these tiny little buttermilk pies, which I had never heard of, but they sounded like a good idea. It was actually a GREAT idea, and the only problem was that I didn’t get more of them (or just get a full-sized pie). Creamy texture, sweet but with a tang, and a lovely buttery crust… I had to try more. So I went for the strawberry-rhubarb hand pie:


Again, full marks for flavor, texture, and fat. It didn’t even need to be warmed up or served a la mode – it stands alone. Honestly, even if you’re like me and not a huge fan of pies, these will not disappoint. My new favorite of all the Seattle pie shops (and there are a lot). I can’t wait for them to actually have a store!

Simply Soulful

June 9, 2014

When I first moved to Seattle, I complained a lot about the relative lack of good soul food – how else was I supposed to get through the winters? But these last few years Seattle has seen a real upswing in the number of Southern-style food joints. Simply Soulful seems ready to join the ranks (although for now it’s mainly a bakery).



If the space looks familiar, it’s because it used to be Inez Patisserie (which has moved to Cap Hill). You can find their products at various stores and farmer’s markets, but my advice is to spot by their cafe in Madison Valley and chat with the very gracious ladies (mother and daughter) who run this venture. I stopped by last month when I happened to see a sign with what appeared to be a pie. A new dessert spot in Madison Valley that I didn’t know about? Impossible. Turns out they had only just opened, and only a few products were available. Rather than wait for the official opening, I decided to grab a few things:


On the left is a sweet potato muffin, and on the right is a Pecan Pie (I had to capitalize because it was so Good).  What I liked most about the muffin was that it tasted like real sweet potatoes, not just sugar with orange food coloring. What I liked best about the Pecan Pie was that it was the best. Truly. I ate that Pie in one sitting and didn’t share with anyone. I will be back. Just need to do a few yoga classes first.

Ballard Market

August 4, 2013

The Ballard Farmers Market is one of my favorites. Veraci Pizza, mini-donuts, and plenty of amazing produce.  Not to mention my two dessert stops last week: Pete’s Perfect Toffee and Deborah’s Pies.  Pete’s Toffee was indeed perfect – and I have a very high standard for toffee.



There were quite a few flavors to choose from, including spicy chili, coconut, and espresso, but I went with the – you guessed it – dark chocolate. Rich, a little salty, crunchy, buttery, and ohhhh just perfect. He also sells containers of crumbled toffee, perfect for an ice cream topping.

Second stop was Deborah’s Homemade Pies. I went straight for the strawberry rhubarb mini-pie, which I took home, warmed up, and ate with ice cream…



Loved it!! Crust was buttery deliciousness and the filling was tart (the way rhubarb should be!) but perfect with the ice cream. They had all kinds of pies, in several of different sizes. I’d go back to try a peach pie!


Pie Bar

May 28, 2013

Why not combine two of the most enjoyable culinary experiences in life – drinks and dessert – into one? Why not indeed, as this is the concept behind Pie Bar, a relatively new Capitol Hill bar that serves not only beer and pie, but delicious “pie-tini” drink concoctions. The small, triangular space is tucked away on Olive right by the freeway, but quite welcoming with great service.



After a round of beer and a chicken fajita pie (they have quite a few of the savory variety) we progressed to dessert, starting with strawberry rhubarb pie (served a-la-mode, naturally), which I have to say is even better than my dad’s (sorry dad). It was made extra special by the topping, which crumbly and very buttery. The crust -the part I’m most picky about – was top-notch.



Dessert round two was a pie-tini of the key lime variety. It really did taste like a liquid (and alcoholic) key lim pie. It had a milky, frothy texture and was nicely tart. Of special note was the pie crust crumble rim (rather than a sugar or salt rim).



Pie Bar is a special spot that I hope will stick around for a long time. You don’t need an excuse to go try it – there’s always a reason to eat (or drink) pie.


A La Mode Pies

October 29, 2012

There are whole pockets of Seattle that remain a mystery to me, and Phinney Ridge is one (is there any reason to go there, besides Red Mill Burgers?). But, in my never-ending quest to try every bakery in Seattle, I went out of my comfort zone to seek out A la Mode Pies, and ended up being glad I did. The space is bustling but with just enough seating to stop and enjoy a cup of coffee with your pie.

The main focus here seems to be cream pies, although there were a few fruit pies – the most interesting-looking was the Blue Hawaiian, which combines coconut with berry and pineapple flavors. But the cream pies looked too good to pass up, and I went with the Bourbon Butterscotch:

I liked the wafer-cookie crust, and the butterscotch pudding-like filling was good, but I didn’t taste much bourbon (this may have something to do with the fact that I drink my bourbon straight, and have lost the ability to detect more subtle doses). There was also too much whipped cream on top – although it was good quality. I got the Mexican Chocolate Pie to go, and it was truly big and rich. It took me four days plus one extra person to eat it. But I do recommend it for those that like complicated, sophisticated chocolate flavors – there is a small amount of cayenne sprinkled on top and the cinnamon flavor is strong.