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Intrigue Chocolates

April 20, 2015

Fran’s and Theo’s chocolates are easy to come by in Seattle, but if you’re in the mood for more of an adventure (and to me, a trip to Pioneer Square is always an adventure), check out Intrigue Chocolates. It’s hardly a chocolate shop – more like a kitchen where you can sample and buy what they’re making. Aaron, the owner and chocolatier in chief, will share generous samples and explain the process for eating an Intrigue ganache truffle: don’t chew it, let it melt in your mouth!


If you’re lucky, he’ll also let you try the “zombie” mixture – they basically melt down all the unused chocolates (all different flavors) and pop it in the fridge until it hardens back into a ganache – with every bite a different flavor. I walked away with a sampler (note, these must be kept refrigerated):


My favorite flavors were Jamaican Hot Chocolate, Basil, and Earl Grey. You can expect strong flavors along with the obvious love and care that goes into the chocolates. I highly recommend stopping by – they’re open Saturdays until 4 PM and it’s fun just finding the place, which is tucked away up a staircase and down a hall. Make it an adventure.


The London Plane

October 23, 2014

The London Plane, a new hip mercantile/bar/bakery/breakfast spot in Pioneer Square, took me back to the days when I used to haunt places like Balducci’s and Dean and Deluca in New York.  It’s clearly upscale, but not pretentious or trying too hard. A bright, clean, and spacious interior holds a restaurant, deli, flower stand, and bakery. I went for the latter, having no need for Dahlias at this time.



Behind the bakery counter were all kind of goodies. The prices weren’t cheap, but from what I could tell just by looking, they were fair. I liked the variety – there were tarts, croissants, cookies, bars, buns… I settled on some cookies and the cinnamon roll, which they heated up for me. I headed down the street to Umbria to eat it because it seems one of the only things The London Plane doesn’t provide is espresso.



Any annoyance I felt at not getting my much needed macchiato was offset with my first bite of this beauty. I liked that it wasn’t giant sized, not to mention dry, undercooked, too sweet, or not sweet enough (all common problems). That is, I loved it. Loved the pecans, the texture of the dough, the amount of goo… well done. Next up, the cookies:


The top ones are chocolate hazelnut, to the right are chocolate chips, and on the left are Mexican Wedding Cookies. All three types were delectable and my friends were happy with the crystals of salt sprinkled on top of the first two types (I found the salt topping a little much but loved the cookies nevertheless). My favorite was the Mexican Wedding Cookies, I usually enjoy these and they aren’t easy to find. These were light without feeling insubstantial, and with just the right amount of sugar. If I worked around Pioneer Square this place would be dangerous… but they need to get with the espresso program ASAP!