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Violet Sweet Shop

May 9, 2013

My weekend “chores” included checking out the new Violet Sweet Shop over by Laurelhearst, newly opened on 45th. The bakery is all-vegan (which is why I counted it as a chore rather than a pleasure) and I tried hard not to be prejudiced, especially since it was so darn cute inside:


The people working there were also super friendly, so I really wanted to like them. The problem was despite the cuteness, and the friendliness, the desserts were still vegan.  And it’s hard to make a very good cupcake, shortbread, or mousse without eggs, butter, or cream.  But they tried. Everthing did LOOK good, and I ended up getting a couple items including a peanut butter mousse dessert cup and a lemon cupcake (I couldn’t bear the thought of a shortbread cookie made without butter, so I had to pass on that one):


Predicably, I was disappointed with both. The texture of the peanut butter cup was watery and didn’t hold together. The lemon cupcake tasted more like a muffin than a cake and the “frosting” was, again, watery. Maybe if you’re a vegan your tastebuds adjust, but frankly, I need my butter and eggs.



60th St Desserts

March 11, 2012

Despite being located at 74 St, 60th Street Desserts does a great job satisfying the Sand Point neighborhood’s bakery needs. Originally started as a wholesale business baking for local eateries, the bakery now has it’s own (very small) location right near Magnuson Park – perfect for an after-soccer treat.

Be aware that there’s no place to sit inside – bring your treats home or make a picnic in the park. The selection was a bit limited, but there are also whole cakes (frozen) that you can take home. I wish they sold more things by the slice, but I did manage to find a single slice of coffee cake which I quite enjoyed.  Even more enjoyable, however, was the mini Chocolate Decadence (also comes in cake size):

Also, who can resist these little guys?

Overall, an enjoyable food experience. I would return for the whole frozen cakes, especially of the chocolate variety (the traditional chocolate cake looks bomb).