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Lunchbox Lab

April 11, 2015

When the sun’s out, I want ice cream – or better yet, a milkshake. I’ve loved milkshakes since I was a kid, but adult milkshakes (AKA boozy shakes) are even better. There are several places in Seattle that will give you a quality boozy shake (Hot Cakes being my personal fave) but nothing beats the variety at Lunchbox Lab.  A chill restaurant to being with – they have excellent burgers and bomb tater tots – it only gets better with their grown-up shakes.


Did I mention the variety? I got the banana cream milkshake with vanilla rum. This satisfied both my love of banana desserts and my love of milkshakes. Oh and my love of alcohol. I’ve also had a very satisfying Oreo milkshake with whiskey.  My friend got a Nutella milkshake with I-forget-what-tasty shot:


She sucked hers down – I took longer to finish. I’m usually good with half a milkshake, but I couldn’t let the rest of mine go to waste!  Lunchbox Lab has an epic happy hour and pleasant outdoor seating with a fire pit. And they’re open late! Definitely on my “most beloved” Seattle restaurant list.



February 22, 2015

South Lake Union is booming, and Nollie’s Cafe is taking full advantage of the breakfast and lunch market (amidst the plentiful construction). I stopped in on a recent Monday for some breakfast and coffee (it’s good) but I left with much more, as you can see from the picture below.



That’s a peanut butter pie on the left. The three cookies on the right are chocolate, peanut butter, and hibiscus. The bar is a pecan fudge concoction. The highlights were the cookies, especially the hibiscus (not sure what hibiscus is supposed to taste like, but this was a darn good sugar cookie regardless. Also on my take-home menu were the “mini cinnamon buns” (the word mini always makes me feel less guilty about eating cinnamon buns, even if there are four of them…


Heated up, these were perfectly gooey and soft. And although it looks like a lot of icing, it wasn’t overly sweet. I recommend eating one (or 4) with an espresso in the cute little dining nook:


Service was friendly and the place was popular without being super crowded. You can tell they make everything from scratch, and the dessert selection was excellent (I made the mistake of choosing my goods before noticing there was a whole ‘nother display case around the corner). Stop in and get your cookies!

La Toscanella

December 24, 2012

Charged with the task of bringing dessert to a dinner party (and limited on time), I stopped by La Toscanella in South Lake Union. The space inside was pretty big, modern, and sleek, despite the fact that this is not a “corporate” establishment. There was a wide variety of goods to choose from, plus breakfast and some pre-packaged goods.


The place wasn’t very crowded, and the girl at the counter was pretty patient, so I took my time to look everything over. It being an Italian bakery, I had to try the Tiramisu and the Chocolate Mousse:


I personally thought the Tiramisu was a little dry – I prefer a more pudding-like consistency with strong rum and coffee flavors. This was more cake and cream.  The chocolate mousse was similarly light and a little bland for my taste (not to mention difficult to eat because of the hard chocolate shell.


I will say that the folks at dinner were impressed by both, so this might be a case of personal preference (or me being picky). At any rate, it’s a bakery worth checking out.