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November 14, 2011

A neighborhood bakery with a Japanese twist, Hiroki specializes in fresh, unique, European cakes and pastries. Located in Tangletown, that confusing area that’s not quite Greenlake, not quite Wallingford, Hiroki is a hidden gem (with parking!).

The space itself is unassuming, although a nice spot for a cup of tea or espresso (they do both). There was a decent array of things to choose from, and I scanned the display eager for the Green Tea Tiramisu I’d heard about.

Sadly, I didn’t see it, so I opted instead for the regular tiramisu and the chocolate gateau. I was a little surprised by the prices, which seemed high, but I rarely let my wallet come between me and good tiramisu.

The chocolate cake was good, but not amazing. It was just a little too mousse-like for me – I like my cake to be cake-like! The tiramisu, on the other hand, was excellent. Even though it lacked the green tea flavor I had been looking forward to, it was still unique in terms of it’s incredibly lightness. Every bite felt like air – really delicious, flavorful, air. It allowed me to eat much more than I really needed to eat, and made me disinclined to share.  I’d go back to try the green tea variety, or just to eat more of the “regular” tiramisu.



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