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July 20, 2015

I feel like I know almost every bakery in Seattle, so when I stumble accidentally across an amazing spot like ETG I’m always (happily) caught off-guard. This delightful, thimble-size bakery/coffeehouse in Fremont has been there since 1982, although the bakery component is more recent. As one might expect from a coffeeshop that’s survived 30+ years in Seattle, the espresso is excellent. But the baked goods were also surprisingly high-quality – I could tell just by looking.


But just to be certain, I got the chocolate banana bread and the cinnamon bun, both recommended (with good reason) by the barista. Banana bread was good, but the cinnamon bun was what really blew me away. Yeasty, fresh, just the proper amount of sweetness and icing, this was truly a delight. If you’re in Fremont (and sooner or later you must be, since it’s the center of the universe), check out ETG.


Sod House Bakery

October 10, 2014

Lately I’m all about the micro-bakeries… that homemade taste that’s so hard to replicate in more industrial bakeries. I discovered Sod House Bakery on a recent visit to the U-District farmer’s market and was intrigued by the “pop-tarts” – pastries filled with fruit spread and topped with frosting. Much more tasty than the grocery store version, but not as good as their brownie.


Deeply cocoa-y with a silky texture, this was a brownie worth its calories. The baker claims to be a big fan of cinnamon buns, so I also walked away with one of those for my next-day’s breakfast. Good idea!!


Not over or undercooked, not overly sweet but still very indulgent, with just the right amount of cinnamon and frosting. Definitely one of the best I’ve had, and I’m picky about my buns! My only wish with Sod House is that they had a storefront so I could go there whenever I wanted… but then it might start tasting industrial.


April 16, 2014

I never go to Lake City – it’s relatively far from Cap Hill, and let’s be honest, if you’re not in the market for a used car, there isn’t much reason to visit. But I didn’t want to leave any bakery untried, so I made the trek to Kaffeeklatsch, a neighborhood bakery that I ended up wishing was in a different neighborhood so I could visit more often. But to their credit, they work really hard to enrich the Lake City area, and advertise all kinds of community events.


The selection of pastries and desserts got me excited, but when I saw the array of breads for sale my heart was won. I had a hard time choosing between the Sunflower Rye and Potato, but ended up instead with a Challah-type loaf called a Hefezopf.  I also went with the Linzertorte and chocolate chip cookie.




The bread was excellent (I’m a sucker for a good egg-wash), but the Linzertorte could have used a little salt on top (whereas the cookie had too much). What won me over was the inspired cinnamon roll, pictured below with icing on the side:



It was a beautiful thing while it lasted! I loved the browned caramelized “top” and perfect flaky texture (not chewy or dry!). Just the right amount of sweetness and cinnamon flavor too. Perhaps its better that they remain in Lake City, or I’d have to do a lot more Pilates!

Cafe Pettirosso

February 3, 2013

Living on Capitol Hill, I’m spoiled when it comes to food and drink.  I think our neighborhood has the best selection of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and desserts. And if you want one restaurant that fits all of those categories (especially the latter), Cafe Pettirosso is the place to go. They do it all, and do it all well. I went mainly for dessert (along with some coffee, wifi, and space to work).


There’s a wide variety of treats, and plenty of tables and cozyness to keep you hanging out for a while. I started out with the cinnamon bun, which I was very impressed with. It had the proper amount of cinnamon (a lot) and wasn’t overly sweet. I also tried the pumpkin pie with marshmallow brulee, which is very popular but wasn’t really my thing. I took a “Sin Cake” home, which turned out to be my best idea ever.


Hmm. Still learning my Iphone, so you have to turn your head sideways to see the word sin. Anyway, letting the cake sit at room temperature for a few hours helped the texture of the cake. Pettirosso also gives you a little cup of raspberry sauce to serve with the cake. I meant to eat half, but I ended up gobbling the whole thing down in one sitting, it was that good. Super rich, super chocolaty.


Scratch Deli

September 24, 2012

Also known as People’s Republic of Koffee? The coffee shop on 12th and Howell in Cap Hill (very near my apartment) merged a few months ago with the folks behind Scratch Deli food truck. The result is a chill, welcoming cafe with great coffee, gourmet sandwiches, and some of the best kept secret pastries in Seattle.  I used to avoid coming here because really, who wants their coffee spelled with a K, but now I come by every few weekends to lounge or work in their living-room atmosphere (there’s free wifi and sunny outdoor seating):

I’d come just for the coffee and sandwiches, but the main draw for me is the pastries. There are different items depending on what the guy happened to make, but I’m after two things – the cinnamon roll and the chocolate chip cookie. The cookie (not pictured) is the best I’ve had. Period. I almost wept as I ate it (and I think I really may have shed a tear when it was finished. The cinnamon roll is more elusive – I’ve only once managed to come at the right day and time and have been struggling since then to get my hands on one:

It’s different from a traditional roll, and apparently has a croissant base, so I imagine the croissants are pretty delicious too. The scones are the only thing I haven’t been super impressed with. But how do I describe the goodness of the cinnamon buns and the cookie? I can’t… you’ll just have to try them for yourself.