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Uptown Espresso

May 24, 2015

I stopped by the Uptown Espresso location in Belltown because I was in the area and needed a pick-me-up, but I was pleasantly surprised to see an array of baked goods made at their Queen Anne location. I went with some favorites (one banana bread, which is a favorite snack of mine) and a peanut butter cookie (the barista’s favorite).


I’d say the barista was spot-on with his cookie recommendation. The cookie was not mushy or crackly crunchy, but was in between. Tender but textured with excellent flavor. The banana bread was good as well, but the cookie was the one worth returning for.


Yellow Leaf Cupcake

April 5, 2015

I’ve been eating Trophy Cupcake and Cupcake Royale for years, yet strangely I’d never made it to Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co in Belltown. In addition to cupcakes, this cute “micro-bakery” makes gourmet macarons and cookies in addition to pulling an excellent espresso. I loved the flavors of the macarons, the most exciting (to me) being the Samoa flavor – if you’re familiar with the Girl Scout cookie you’ll know what I mean.


I got the last one! It was light as air, and while it obviously didn’t have the crunch and texture of a Samoa it did have the flavor! Next, I selected a couple cookies, which are giant-size and also come as cookie sandwiches with buttercream as the filling.


The sugar cookie on the right, while pretty, didn’t impress me as much as the peanut butter cookie, which was rich without being overly sweet, and intensely peanutty (a good thing, in my book). One of the best peanut butter cookies I’ve had in this lifetime, although I admit I scraped off some of the frosting because it was so rich. Lastly, and most telling, the cupcakes.


On the left is the peanut butter banana cupcake (which was somewhat disappointing in that it tasted like a vanilla cupcake with some peanuts in it) and on the right, the pancakes and bacon cupcake… yes please!!! Once again, I scraped off most of the frosting – I am NOT a buttercream person, but if you are you’ll love it. The cake portion itself was the best I’ve had – no kidding. It really did taste like pancakes, and there were chunks of crispy bacon in it!!! Love this. A definite must-try for Seattleites and visitors alike.

Grand Central Bakery

February 4, 2015

I usually stay away from chains, even small regional ones like Grand Central Bakery (with locations in Portland and Seattle). But I’d heard good things about Grand Central, and I’d always admired their outdoor space in Eastlake. So I took advantage of the abnormally warm, sunny January weather last weekend and chowed down on some treats while soaking up the vitamin D.


No, I didn’t eat all of them myself. But I probably could have… Pictured above, from the upper left clockwise: chocolate (gluten-free) cookie, peanut butter cookie, oatmeal raisin cookie, brioche cinnamon roll, donut muffin, “jammer,” and bread pudding muffin.  I was pleasantly surprised by all of the above, especially the peanut butter cookie, donut muffin, and jammer. The donut muffin was exactly what it sounds like and would be perfect with coffee. The jammer to me was the most interesting – it was like a scone with jam in the middle and is perfect for breakfast.

Arabica Lounge

June 12, 2012

I’d read a few things on Yelp about Arabica Lounge – bakery, breakfast, and coffee shop – before visiting, and not all of it was positive (too pretentious, too expensive, unreliable hours, etc), so I was pleasantly surprised by my experience (although the unreliable hours part turned out to be true). The space was pleasant, light, and welcoming, and perfect for working or reading (especially once the loud group that was there decided to leave).

I was initially dismayed because they had decided to close the kitchen early and I was really hungry (and had heard good things about the “soldier eggs”). However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I “settled” for a croissant sandwich with Brie… best I’ve had in Seattle and I’ve had many a croissant.  Next I moved on the peanut butter cookie, which left a promising grease stain on the paper bag:

The whole peanuts on top were what made this cookie special (the cookie itself was very good too), and the texture was good – not gooey, slightly crumbly. That evening, I broke into the meringue :

Inside was a surprise: I believe they were pistachio nuts, and they set it apart from other similar meringues (lately I’ve been buying meringues, which up until this year I didn’t even like). I do recommend Arabica – everything I had was really good (including the coffee, which was amazing – and I am very picky). Just make sure you come early in the day.