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Bakery Nouveau

February 7, 2011

I’d heard so many good things about Bakery Nouveau, and would have visited it sooner if I’d been able to spell it correctly in a Google search. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by it’s reputation as one of Seattle’s best bakeries (not to mention the plethora of vowels in the name), and when I got there I was quickly overwhelmed by the choices and the crowds of people.

It’s not easy to choose carefully when there are so many delicious-looking items and a long line waiting behind you!  I wanted lunch, so I got a piece of pesto pizza, plus a slice of German Chocolate Cake (pictured below). As an afterthought I got a chocolate croissant for the next morning. The pizza was super-salty but also super-good. The crust is a lot less doughy than traditional pizza crust, and the pesto was top-notch. The cake, on the other hand, did not excite me:

Everything about it was fine, but not spectacular. Later (after reading some reviews) I realized I should have tried the classic chocolate cake instead, since the ganache is apparently to-die-for.  However, I did luck out with the chocolate croissant:

In the rush of getting ready for work the next morning, I almost forgot about it, but remember in time to heat it up and chow down. After one bite, I knew I’d found my new favorite croissant place (remind me to do a taste-test someday against Besalu). It was perfect and I’d drive over to West Seattle any day just for the pleasure of eating one of these.

Quick tip: If you visit on the weekend, plan on getting your food to-go… it’s pretty hard to get a table.



The Grateful Bread Bakery

November 21, 2010

You don’t have to wear tie-dyed T-shirts to appreciate the offerings at The Grateful Bread Bakery and Cafe, although it helps to have a healthy appreciation of carbohydrates.  Conveniently located near my dentist in Wedgwood, I always make it a point to treat myself to a cookie or two after a teeth cleaning (I need to somehow make up for the fact that I no longer receive a lollipop after a dentist appointment).

The cafe serves excellent sandwiches as well as a wide variety of treats, and during the sunnier months has a nice outdoor space to enjoy them. Since I visited just before Thanksgiving, I opted for the turkey-cranberry sandwich (do not eat this if you need to stay awake afterward) and then took my time selecting a treat from the extensive display:

I selected a chocolate chip cookie and a thumbprint jam cookie. Both were good, but the thumbprint cookie was better and I would heartily recommend it.  But I was still not ready to end my carbohydrate adventure, so I took home a cinnamon bun for the next morning.

This, of course, turned out to be an excellent decision, because it was perfect. The right amount of sugar. Good molasses-y flavor. Doughy center.  It’s a good thing I don’t go to Wedgwood (or the dentist) very often, or this could become a serious problem… especially since Top Pot is right next door.


Three Girls Bakery

May 31, 2010

Every time I venture to Pike’s Place Market, I’m confronted with a wealth of blog-worthy bakeries. This time, I selected the Three Girls Bakery, which is little more than a walk-up window (although there’s also a counter tucked away where you can get sandwiches).

But the lack of retro furniture or art installations allows the customer to focus on what’s most important – the food. Three Girls sells fresh bread, a variety of cookies, croissants, rugelach, and many other tasty treats. I ended up with a “Mounds” cookie, and, on a whim, a piece of rugelach.  The Mounds cookie was basically a coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate:

The texture inside was perfect – a little nutty, very coconutty, and just the right combination of crunchy-chewy. I really liked the chocolate coating; you could tell they used quality chocolate.  Even my friend, who’s not a huge dessert eater, loved it.  But the rugelach was what really stole my heart:

I’m having trouble remembering the exact flavor I got (there were lots to choose from) but I think it might have been cinnamon-pecan. At any rate, Three Girls is my new favorite spot for rugelach.  If you’ve never had this New York Jewish Deli treat, this is the place to try it in Seattle.