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Oh! Chocolate

June 23, 2013

I’ve done Theo’s and Fran’s, but for some reason I never had thought to stop in at Oh! Chocolates on Madison, even though it’s a few minutes car ride from me.  Oh! originated on Mercer Island (or Hawaii, depending on how far back you go) and they have a great tradition of being very generous with the free samples (I ended up having as many free truffles as I bought).


After a careful tasting of some of the more unusual creations (the vegan truffle was surprisingly good), I made my selections: Americano Truffle, Tiramisu Truffle, Grand Marnier Truffle, and Hawaiian Caramel.



The white one is actually the Americano, and inside was a coffee and dark chocolate filling. I’d pick that as the best of the four, followed closely by the Grand Marnier which was deliciously dark and complex. The Hawaiian Caramel had an interesting coconut addition, and the tiramisu was a little sweet.  This is definitely the place to go for true chocolate lovers – with little of the milk or white chocolate to weaken the experience.